Is Trump pedophile?

Did Brexit campaign in Britain substandard, you should probably not read further. For the election campaign in the United States is heading into a morass of possible breaches of law and repulsive rumors that - if there is just a grain of truth in them - may make it impossible for many Americans to vote any of the two candidates in the White House .

Democrat Hillary Clinton was Saturday questioned for three rigid hours of FBI, the American federal police, for its irresponsible handling of state secrets as foreign minister. Within the next two weeks, the FBI decide whether she should be charged with breaking the law by using its own, open the e-mail account instead of the Ministry protected. If that happens, she will probably have to withdraw from the race. CNN says FBI sources, however, that Clinton has sloppy, but not acted unlawfully, and therefore there will be hardly an indictment. But the case has already spotted her competence.


We are going from bad to worse. Right down in the gutter. Republican Donald Trump was two weeks ago notified of raping a 13-year-old girl during sexual orgies 22 years ago. It is the now grown woman who is behind the review. To begin with wing pedophilia allegations under the radar, but several web media mentions now the case because a former employee of Trump appear as a witness and to the police confirm the woman’s statements. The rape should have happened in an apartment in New York, which belonged to one of Trump’s acquaintances - billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted and registered pedophile. Trump denies the charge, but they will stick to him in the near future.

One must grieve. Blessed Ronald Reagan once spoke of his country as the shining village on the mountain top that served as a beacon for the world, but here we are now: Speechless witnesses to a degenerated political system that frightens good and honest candidates away and instead begets it worst dirt.

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